Ifat Kent

Ifat Kent (pronounced E-Phat) is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT), Internationally Certified Doula with Network Doulas of the World, and a Mother of three. Her three birth experiences were quite different from each other. She herself has experienced giving birth at a hospital, birth center, and also a homebirth. It was her own birth journeys (including a couple of miscarriages) that sparked the passion for her to support other women and their partners during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

At the studio, Ifat has a passion for offering guidance and support physically, emotionally and spiritually. She enjoys working with couples facing their fears, explores how to view pain from different angles and empowers couples to strengthen confidence in themselves. Coming from the yoga background, she likes to incorporate postures, breathing techniques, and guided meditation as she guides you to have the best possible birth experience. In addition to teaching yoga, she encourages her clients to also ask questions and learn from each other’s experiences by building a community of openness and non-judgment at the studio.

If you would like to reach Ifat, you can contact her by email: info@theyoganestfl.com