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I woke up with a great thought. I decided it’s time to start loving myself more! And I’ve decided to start today.

Why today? Why now, when I’ve been alive for quite some time now?

Well, for the last few months, I’ve been enrolled with IIN ( Integrative Institute for Nutrition). Ever since, I’ve had the opportunity to listen in on some amazing lectures by incredible people. So impactful that even after only two months I highly recommend this transformational program to anyone, with 100% confidence that it will touch anyone who gets involved. Anyone at all. Anyone who wants to be healthy in a more holistic way. This involvement is likely what sparked my desire for self-love.

Immediately following this experience, I decided to do my absolute best to be nicer and kinder to myself. The most ironic part of this is that I have spent years preaching this to my students in all of my yoga classes, whether it’s about not liking their changing bodies during pregnancy or not really connecting to their newborns immediately, or whether they’re harboring a resentment towards themselves or their partners. I always tell them that if they just try to love and accept themselves a little more each day, they will be a little happier and a little healthier every day, plus, as an added bonus, this is setting a powerful example to the children looking up to them.

 And who doesn’t want their child to love themselves, and practice self-love every single day?

My first step to self-love was to hop on the elliptical and begin mapping out my plan to treat myself better. I felt strongly that I had been procrastinating on this topic and functioning as somewhat of hypocrite, since I had  preaching the advice for years yet not practicing what I preached. I can’t say that my actions were intentional, though. While it’s not an excuse, I had been building a business, settling into my new home, getting ready to return to school to better myself, and all of this made me pretty happy.
But I hadn’t been eating that well, and I had been consuming far too much coffee. I feel like comfort and fear had been playing a major role that led to keeping me stuck in my ways, and far off from the kind of self-love I deserved. I like the ease of eating out and I love the flavor and smell of coffee. But as we know, these two things are not exactly the healthiest, and I was starting to feel the effects of these two habits on my energy levels – and I didn’t like how it felt.

So today as an act of self-love, I felt ready to purchase a Vitamix and Breville juicer. I had been thinking about doing this since I got a divorce considering I left both appliances with my ex-husband.To be completely honest, he was the force behind my desire to purchase these healthy tools first place – thanks Josh.

As an act of self-love, I won’t be mean to myself about coffee and I won’t be telling myself how weak I really am to give in to my addictions and my comforts. Instead, I will add some goodness and freshness into my life. I will add a juice and/or a shake to my day. Adding instead of taking away. Sounds great, don’t you think?
Here are pictures of my new babies:

I’ll even share one of my favorite recipes.

Green Juice Recipe
2 apples
1 Head of Kale
1 head of Romaine
Few stalks of celery
1 whole Lemon
1 small piece of ginger
Juice it all in your favorite Juicer.
The great thing about juice is that you can add or omit anything you don’t like or like even more J
How do you usually show yourself love?
What can you do today to show yourself some love or practice self-care?