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Are you practicing the  art of letting go?

I dropped off my son (age 10) and my daughter (age 8) at the airport for a sleep away camp. They are going to upstate NY, how fun! I gave them big hugs and said goodbye. My tummy was going crazy with excitement and perhaps some fear, but I sent them on their way to find happiness away from home. I let them go. For the next eight days, they are going to have complete freedom from their parents making life long friendships and connecting with nature.
Later that day I was teaching yoga to one of my students who is five weeks postpartum.  Her body was stiff and hurting. I suggested going for a massage. For her, a massage seemed almost impossible.  She didn’t want to leave her baby. 
As I was listening to her concerns, I realized how many moms have difficulty letting go.
Letting go is a healthy practice that requires trust and surrender. 
Trusting that our baby will be okay for an hour or two without us is the first step.Of course we are the best for our babies.  But how can we give our best when we are not feeling our best? 
Start by taking 30-60 minutes to yourself while baby spends quality time with your partner, another loving family member or a close friend.
Surrender Control
Control is another key factor to consider while practicing the art of letting go. Others may not do things like you, but if they do it with love, your baby will be okay. 

Surrendering and trusting go hand in hand. The best way for you to practice both is to start in small doses. You’ll see that everything is really okay and you’ll be able to let go a little more.
 Also, it feels so much better than controlling everything and not trusting anyone. Try it.
Go get a pedicure or a massage. Go on a date. Do something you enjoy that has nothing to do with your kids. Come home to be with them fully and lose the guilt. You deserve it. 
“Letting go is hard, but holding on is harder…”.