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You’re pregnant. – and even though it doesn’t hit you all at once, you eventually accept and begin to unite with the fact that there is a baby growing inside of you. A baby that is developing and growing thanks to you and the way you nourish yourself.

You likely understand that you’re eating for your baby’s health as well as your own.
You understand that oxygen and hydration is important. These are basic survival tools, after all. You try to stay active and healthy, but have you thought about how you’re nourishing your mind and balancing your emotions? Does it even cross your mind at all?

What about cultivating happiness – couldn’t this be critically important for your developing child?

There is no evidence to support that you every thought and emotion you go through in your pregnancy transfers immediately to your baby. There may be no proven scientific evidence to this fact, but I do truly believe the spiritual aspects of pregnancy are sometimes dismissed.

What about stress? Many of us know stress affects our bodies, contributes to disease, and even elevates certain (not so good) hormones within the body.

Today, people seek help to de-stress and to get healthier in both body and mind. Yet today, more than ever, stress is believed to be the ultimate contributor to heart disease and cancer.
I believe it is equally important to nourish your soul just as much as you nourish your body during pregnancy. Not just for yourself, but for your baby as well.
I believe your baby is influenced by your thoughts, by your positivity or lack thereof, and by your relaxation, how deeply your breathe and whether or not you are happy or  sad.
You’re phsycially connected, after all.

I even believe we can talk to our babies while pregnant and it can make a difference.
Of course, I can’t prove it. It’s just my belief, but I see it in my prenatal yoga classes and with my clients every single day of my life.

Daily positive affirmations, relaxation techniques and some healthy yoga sequences improve the well being of my students, and their growing babies. Even if you don’t think your baby is affected by your stress, it very well may be. So is it even worth the risk of letting negative energy transfer to your innocent and unsuspecting child?
If nothing more, staying relaxed and remaining calm during pregnancy will make you happier and more comfortable!

Try this:
Write down a few affirmations and try breathing slowly during times that cause you tension. Try smiling more, and maybe other methods that help you feel more relaxed or more positive, like calling a friend, taking a light walk, or even just watching a funny television show.

What’s the worst you can happen? You smile and feel happier for a few seconds in the day. Even that is a huge win in my eyes!

I truly believe we can make happier babies if we make ourselves happy.
And again, if it won’t affect the baby, at least it will affect us and we will create more positivity and happiness during our pregnancies and for the rest of our lives. And who can argue with that?!

Here’s to a happy (and healthy) pregnancy!

and Birth…