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Prenatal Yoga – 5 Reasons to join a group class
You’re pregnant. Congratulations! 
But after the dust settles, the emotions begin to come out.

Pregnancy often brings out many concerns in a woman, especially if it is your first time. Women often wonder or even worry what they should do during those 9 months to stay healthy when it pertains to their diet, habits, hobbies, exercises, traveling, and just about everything else.
The bottom line?
It is important to move throughout your pregnancy in order to build a strong core, maintain flexibility, and to work on strength and stamina. The number one way to achieve fit pregnancy goals?
You guessed it! Yoga.
Yoga during pregnancy is safe type of exercise that involves all of this. However, yoga not just an exercise. In fact, although you move your body in different ways throughout any yoga sequence, I like to think of it as more of an “inner”cise than an exercise. The ultimate goal in a yoga practice is to find balance and peace within yourself. This is done by learning how to quiet the mind. The best way to accomplish that is to practice relaxation. And what could be better for the health of you and your baby, than a little inner zen?
Here are some of the benefits of prenatal yoga:
1.     Guided relaxation & Breathing
Deep breathing is the best tool for relaxation during pregnancy and also a great tool for dealing with the intense sensations of labor, both physically and emotionally. In class, you are reminded to slow down and deepen your breathing. This continuous practice of slow deep breathing activates and balances your parasympathetic nervous system, which results in lower stress levels.  And in case you didn’t know, baby needs as little stress as possible to thrive in the womb.
2.     Alone time.
Prenatal yoga forces you to make time for yourself that you may otherwise overlook. Yoga gives you that space to go deeper within yourself, by yourself. To get to know yourself from the inside out. To accept the changes happening within your body. It gives you a break from the craziness of the outside world and allows you to foster two incredible connections; one with yourself, and one with the little creature growing inside you. 
3.     Labor prep.
In any prenatal yoga class, you will learn safe postures with the guidance of a trained teacher. The physical asanas (postures) greatly prepare you for labor and birth, as most of the postures can actually be practiced during the childbirth process. These poses, and the entire prenatal yoga sequence are safe for you and your baby. Enjoy as you’re guided into poses that promote good circulation, stretch out the right areas, and assist you and baby in finding some relaxation.
4.     Mom-to-be Bonding
Prenatal yoga classes are a wonderful chance to meet other expecting moms. This may be the #1 reason for many expecting women to venture into a class in the first place. When nesting, many women find the desire to start seeking out other pregnant friends, and this is just part of the fun! Plus, you feel a lot less “hormonal” when you find out all of the women around you are going through the same changes and experiences.
5.     You’ll sleep better.
Most students repost better sleep after class. Need I say more?
If you cannot make it into a prenatal yoga class in your area, there are still benefits to practicing yoga on your own.
Next is an easy to follow sequence you can practice daily to prepare your body and mind for birth. If you want more information and guidance, you are invited to join us at The Yoga Nest.