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When Kingsley was born on April 6th 2017 exactly at 38 weeks preggo he gave me my first lesson on being a parents. Don't expect things to go as "planned. I had hired a doula, took hypnobirthing class and rented a water tub to be set up at the hospital . It was a regular day I took the day off work and just lounged at the pool all day , my wife had gone to hospital and taken the recommended CPR class . I was going to pack my hospital bag (after weeks of my wife nagging me to). It was about 11pm and we were heading upstairs to get into bed when I went to the bathroom and heard a pop , I said think my water broke then thought no it was just a pop in my back. I went upstairs and crawled into bed when I realized ok not a pop my water definitely broke. I had my wife call the doula and filled my bathtub with water so I could do my breathing exercises in there till the doula came over . My wife called the doula and she said be prepared for a long time and she would wait to hear from us and come over by 6am. Well contractions started coming hard and fast! All back contractions and I was yelling for my wife to tell the doula to get over to our house and fast! She finally get to the house and she starts these back massage applying pressure which was the only relief I could get. All I could think was how the hell am I going to make it down the stairs and have this baby naturally . My wife called doctor and he said are you sure she wants to come now to hospital? The contractions were coming back to back and finally I ran down the stairs and was like let's go now to hospital while I can walk... except I was naked haha my wife brings down a Harry Potter robe ... I threw that on and had to lay down in the back seat of the doulas car because I couldn't sit . We finally made it to the hospital at 3:38am they got me A wheelchair as soon as I tried to sit I jumped up and was like Nope that hurts just take me to room I'll walk... I walked to room got on table they told me let's check to see how far you're dilated ......9cm ... so show time..... 4 purple faced pushing and at 4:03 am he was here, and he got stuck behind my pelvic bone and his arm got broken when the doctor had to assist him in coming out.... I was a mess I was so excited to meet my baby and plans went out the window no water tub ... no golden hour... no finding his way to my nipple to breastfeed .... yet he was perfect and is perfect and healed. Life and my labor didn't go as planned LOL but I couldn't be happier and more blessed . Kingsley Dallas Dawson 4.6.17 4:03am Life is what happens when you're busy making plans.